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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018-06-20Tomar conta de um filho com cancro: respostas parentais significativas para a enfermagem no percurso de uma transição desenvolvimentalCarla Maria Cerqueira da SilvaTese
2017-06-20Adrenocorticol tumors: Evaluation of immunohistochemistry markers for their differential diagnosis and of the ERK signaling pathway as a potential target in anti-tumor therapySofia Daniela da Silva PereiraTese
2019-05-17Unveiling novel anticancer drugs activity through biophysical studies: applications in drug delivery systemsJosé Plácido Lopes de AraújoTese
2018-12-12Seaweeds as functional aquafeed ingredients: Modulation of nutrient metabolism and stress responsiveness in aquaculture speciesMaria João Dias PeixotoTese
2018-07-13Improvement of the current therapy against Helicobacter pylori: biophysical studies of drug-membrane interactions and development of a drug delivery systemDaniela Priscila Rodrigues Lopes de CamposTese
2018-07-18Effects of environmental contaminants on the exotic invasive bivalve Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774)Patrícia Alexandra Correia OliveiraTese
2019-07-02Identifying novel genetic causes for hereditary myopathies: from conventional approaches to next-generation sequencingJorge Manuel dos Santos Marques de OliveiraTese
2018-06-29Biochemical and structural characterization of novel mycobacterial drug targetsTatiana Barros Reis CereijaTese
2019-07-12Chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography: development, enantioseparation and molecular recognition mechanism studiesYe Zaw PhyoTese
2019-05-29Development of biomaterials and cell therapies for bone regenerationJosé Miguel Franco Esteves de CamposTese