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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021-02-12On the Mechanisms of Early Dissemination, Dormancy and MetastasisAna Rita Lobato Cortesão NobreTese
2021-02-09Studies of androgenic and estrogenic effects on PPARs, estrogen receptors and some related gene and phenotypic targets, using brown trout primary hepatocytes as the model systemCélia Cristina Carreiras LopesTese
2021-03-05I move, therefore I am (?) visuomotor information modulates the senses of ownership and agency in a moving Virtual Hand Illusion paradigmVictoria Brugada RamentolTese
2021-03-04Formalização do Conhecimento Disciplinar em Enfermagem de Saúde Mental e Psiquiatria: Desenvolvimento de Modelos Clínicos de Dados Centrados no Delírio e na AlucinaçãoPatrícia Daniela Barata GonçalvesTese
2021-03-19Dissecting the role of Polo kinase in the regulation of kinetochore-microtubule attachmentsJoão Francisco Portugal Antas de Barros BarbosaTese
2021-02-17The Impact of an Aerobic Exercice Training Program for Heart Failure Inpatients - The Early Rehabilitation In Cardiology - Heart Failure (ERIC-HF) ProgramBruno Miguel DelgadoTese
2021-04-01New engineered FcRn-targeting nanoplatforms for oral delivery of biopharmaceuticalsCláudia Filipa Maia AzevedoTese
2020-04-16Graphene-based materials for blood-contacting devicesAndreia Sofia Trindade PereiraTese
2021-04-07Innovative treatment for bone metastasesVânia Cristina Castro de OliveiraTese
2021-03-02Esophageal cancer in Mozambique. Disease characterization for the definition of a proficient action programJotamo Jose ComeTese