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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017-02-10The origin of the vertebrate stomach and the paradox of lossOdete Marinho Gonçalves FerreiraTese
2013-07-24Petroleum hydrocarbons bioremediation in a temperate salt marsh: Plant - microorganisms interactionsHugo Manuel da Silva RibeiroTese
2016-05-25Iron and related proteins in the breast cancer microenvironment: expression patterns in epithelial and stromal inflammatory cells and association with clinicopathological markers of behavior and progressionOriana Alexandra de Paixão Praças MarquesTese
2014-12-12Estrogenic exposure impacts in the frequency and stereological parameters of both induced preneoplastic liver lesions and normal hepatocytes of the brown troutSara Diana Moreira PereiraDissertação
2017-02-27Introdução à cinética enzimática. Cinética da catálise pela invertase.José Augusto PereiraPublicação Didática
2018-03-02How to keep the thymus in shape: new molecular insights on thymic epitelial cell homeostasis and functionPedro Miguel Mendes RodriguesTese
2013-12-02Transition from in situ to invasive breast carcinomasDiana Raquel Fernandes MartinsTese
2018-07-13Improvement of the current therapy against Helicobacter pylori: biophysical studies of drug-membrane interactions and development of a drug delivery systemDaniela Priscila Rodrigues Lopes de CamposTese
2017-04-10Modulation of drug efflux at the blood-brain barrier through targeted siRNA delivery via nanoparticlesMaria João Bidarra Tavares GomesTese
2017-09-04The evolution of fatty acid metabolism in chordatesMónica Sofia Lopes MarquesTese