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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013-12-13Phisiological Responses to Extreme Events of a Different Mean Intensity and Variability in a Foudation Macroalga at its Distributional LimitAlba Trilla CisaDissertação
2013-10-25MHC in sea bass:molecular and structural insights to class I antigen presentationRute Daniela Pinheiro da Silva PintoTese
2015-01-20Dissecting human CNS gene expressionMargherita FrancescattoTese
2014-12-12Estrogenic exposure impacts in the frequency and stereological parameters of both induced preneoplastic liver lesions and normal hepatocytes of the brown troutSara Diana Moreira PereiraDissertação
2014-04-07Aplicação de metodologias de análise estaística na isentificação da fatores psicossociais preditivos de bom ajustamento à vida de pessoas com doenças crónicasEstela Maria dos Santos Ramos VilhenaTese
2018-07-13identification of native cardiogenic niche-feature(s) for improved cardiac cell response: the role of the extracellular matrixAna Catarina de Andrade e SilvaTese
2018-07-16Genomic and functional insights on dengue infections: the role of host ancestryMarisa Sofia Sousa OliveiraTese
2019-07-04Development of monoclonal antibodies for bladder cancer based on glycobiomarkers: identification of relevant glycoantigens and synthesis methodologies thereofAna Rita Pereira AzevedoTese
2019-07-03Nanostructured lipid carriers as drug delivery systems for the treatment of tuberculosisJoana Fernandes da Silva MagalhãesTese
2012Quercetin Protects Saccharomyces cerevisiae against Oxidative Stress by Inducing Trehalose Biosynthesis and the Cell Wall Integrity PathwayRita Vilaça; Vanda Mendes; Marta Vaz Mendes; Laura Carreto; Maria Amélia Amorim; Victor Freitas; Pedro Gaspar Ferreira; Nuno Mateus; Vitor CostaArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional