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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011-02-25Differentiation of clonal variants of the burkholderia cepacia complex isolated during chronic respiratory infection in cystic fibrosis patients with FTIR spectroscopyCarla Patrícia da Silva CoutinhoTese
2013-12-13Lycopersicon esculentum Miller: from by-products towards neuroprotectionMarcos André Pinheiro Taveira MonteiroTese
2012-07-06Assessment of pesticide contamination in ground water and vegetables using environment friendly methodologies.Armindo Jorge Alves de MeloTese
2014-03-03Study of Genetic Factors Involved in Pain Perception and Morphine Analgesia in Cancer-Related PainAna Elisabete Pereira Correia de OliveiraTese
2012-02-24Study of the secretome of Leishmania involved in the infectionNuno Pedro Moreira SantarémTese
2014-06-06Unveiling population diversity, biosurfactant and antibacterial agents production of Bacillus pumilus group speciesFabiana Raquel Gouveia Pinto Nevado BranquinhoTese
2013-06-28Polymerie nanoparticles as carrier systems for antiretroviral agents to be used in the prevention of vaginal HIV transmissionJosé Alberto Gonçalves das NevesTese
2012-01-11Prenylflavonoids and Chalcones: Synthesis and Evaluation of the Antitumor ActivityMarta Alexandra Oliveira Perro NevesTese
2011-05-24Desenvolvimento de Metodologias Analíticas Automáticas em Fluxo Baseadas no Conceito de esquema Reaccional de Interface Única.Cristina Isabel da Cunha SilvestreTese
2012-07-17Synthesis of chiral derivatives of xanthones: application as HPLC stationary phases and potential bioactive agents in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistryCarla Sofia Garcia FernandesTese