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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015-05-07A membrane biophysical approach to the therapeutic effects of resveratrol and design of novel nutraceutical nanoformulationsAna Rute de Azevedo Pina NevesTese
2014-04-08Segurança e biodisponibilidade de suplementos alimentaresIvone Mariana da Costa AlmeidaTese
2014-04-22Síndrome metabólico e infecção pelo VIH: que relação?Mary Conception Fecha DuroTese
2014-12-19Flavonoids with potential anti-inflammatory activity: in vitro structure/activity studies of their effects in pro-inflammatory signalling systemsDaniela Sofia Almeida RibeiroTese
2013-12-09Development and application of molecular-based methods for the detection of tree nut allergens: the cases of almond, hazelnut and walnutJoana Sofia Barros da CostaTese
2016-05-16Phenotypic and Target-based Strategies for Drug Discovery in TrypanosomesLuís Filipe da Silva GasparTese
2018-07-11Development of PEGylated platforms to overcome blood-brain barrier constraints in neurodegenerative therapyCarlos Eduardo Vinhas FernandesTese
2013-12-11"Interactions of Rifabutin and Novel Analogs for Tuberculosis with Membranes: Implications for Mechanism of Action and Drug Development"Marina Barroso Pereira PinheiroTese
2014-12-16Development of  yeast-based assays to study p53 family proteins: identification of new small molecule modulatorsMariana Valencia Castanheira Ferreira LeãoTese
2015-05-04Olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae Rossi) - olive tree interactions: study of physical and chemical aspectsRicardo Manuel da Silva MalheiroTese