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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-05-27CHESTNUT-DRYTECH: Influence of drying technologies on physicochemical properties of Chesnut fruits (castanea sativa Mill)Teresa de Jesus Tavares DelgadoTese
2010-12-09Automatic Methodologies for Environmentally Friendly Processing of Samples and Coupling to Liquid Chromatography.Hugo Miguel Rodrigues Cunha OliveiraTese
2013-12-19Increasing sensitivity to drugs in leukemias by modulation of microRNA expressionHugo Lima Pereira Seca TeixeiraTese
2016-05-04Contribution of biocides to the selection of Salmonella non-typhoid resistant to antibiotics: a multilayered approachJoana Vanessa Cordeiro Melro MourãoTese
2012-07-06Assessment of pesticide contamination in ground water and vegetables using environment friendly methodologies.Armindo Jorge Alves de MeloTese
2018-07-16Design and development of multi-target agents for neurodegenerative diseasesEster Sofia Teixeira BenfeitoTese
2011-12-13Design Synthesis and Evaluation of Xanthone Derivatives for Dual Activity: Antitumor and P-Glycoprotein InhibitionAndreia Filipa dos Santos PalmeiraTese
2014-02-19New Formulation of Paraquat with Lysine Acetylsalicylate. Safety improvement for mammalian and algae species with maintenance of the herbicidal activityMaria Teresa Pires BaltazarTese
2017-05-03Targeting CXCR4 with immuno-modified iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer treatment with magnetically-induced hyperthermia. An in vitro approach.Vânia Filipa Esteves Vilas BoasTese
2014-06-06Unveiling population diversity, biosurfactant and antibacterial agents production of Bacillus pumilus group speciesFabiana Raquel Gouveia Pinto Nevado BranquinhoTese