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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Preliminary results of a school-based asthma assessment from the upKids validation studyVieira, T; Fonseca, J; Cruz, L; Silva, R; Ferreira, A; Leblanc, A; Padrao, P; Moreira, P; Moreira, A; Castel Branco, MOutras Publicações
2008No relationship between Mediterranean diet and asthma or rhinitis in Portuguese schoolchildrenMoreira, A; Padrao, P; Bessa, M; Cordeiro, T; Valente, H; Fonseca, J; Castel Branco, M; Delgado, L; Lopes, C; Moreira, POutras Publicações
2008Physical training does not increase allergic inflammation in asthmatic childrenMoreira, A; Delgado, L; Haahtela, T; Fonseca, J; Moreira, P; Lopes, C; Mota, J; Santos, P; Rytllae, P; Castel Branco, MGArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2008Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and fresh fruit intake are associated with improved asthma controlBarros, Renata; Moreira, A; Fonseca, J; Ferraz F de Oliveira; Delgado, L; Castel Branco, MG; Haahtela, T; Lopes, C; Moreira, PedroArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2008Protein intake and obesity in schoolchildrenMoreira, P; Valente, H; Bessa, M; Cordeiro, T; Padrao, P; Moreira, A; Lopes, COutras Publicações
2008Parental gender differences in the estimation of their offspring's dietary intakeCordeiro, T; Padrao, P; Valente, H; Bessa, M; Martins, P; Moreira, A; Lopes, C; Moreira, POutras Publicações
2008Sugar sweetened beverages and overweight in a sample of schoolchildrenValente, H; Padrao, P; Bessa, M; Cordeiro, T; Moreira, A; Lopes, C; Moreira, POutras Publicações
2008Obesity and asthma in schoolchildrenPadrao, P; Moreira, P; Valente, H; Cordeiro, T; Bessa, M; Lopes, C; Moreira, AOutras Publicações