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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018-07-20Plasma adipokines levels and functional fitness with concurrent combined aerobic and resistance training in older adults.Eduardo ArendTese
2018-11-08Ontology-based personalized performance evaluation and dietary recommendation for weightlifting.Piyaporn TumnarkTese
2018-12-17The FIFA 11 + injury prevention program in amateur futsal players: effects on performance, neuromuscular function and injury prevention.Mário Alexandre Gonçalves LopesTese
2018-06-25Corpo Doente Versus Memórias do Corpo SãoAna Sofia Carneiro SaraivaTese
2018-07-02Is there a role for deep friction massage in the management of patellar tendinopathy? Technique characterization and short-term clinical outcomesPaula Maria Dias ChavesTese
2018-09-24Long-Term Exercise Training Modulates Breast Cancer Outcomes and Attenuates Cancer-Induced Muscle Wasting in Animals Academic.Ana Cristina Ferreira dos Santos Corrêa FigueiraTese
2018-07-02Qualidade de vida relacionada com a saúde, aptidão física, índice de massa corporal e dieta mediterrânica em adolescentes.Olga Sofia Ferreira EvaristoTese
2018-07-06The influence of cleats model on predisposing factors for lateral ankle sprain and on the performance of soccer players in artificial grass.Diogo César de Freitas SilvaTese
2018-03-23Physical activity, lifestyle-related factors and psychological determinants among patients with schizophrenia.Raquel Ferreira da CostaTese
2018-12-18Aprender a ser professor: uma análise situacional de percursos e experiências formativas de estudantes de Educação Física.Patrícia Maria da Silva GomesTese