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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015-09-02Occupational and environmental exposure to Mn in manganese mining areas (South Portugal) and the occurrence of dementiaAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2014-11-26Estudo da dinâmica espaço-temporal de dois estuários da zona Norte de PortugalAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2019-04-16Intestinal colonisation of Portuguese sheep with Escherichia coli producing CTX-M and MCR-1Helena SousaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2011-09-18Trace element status in a Portuguese population of haemodialysis patients - Evidence for increased whole blood manganese and decreased serum zinc concentrationsAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2016-06-21Iodine status of schoolchildren from the Portuguese region of TâmegaAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2014-09-24Mobility of Cd and Pb in a groundwater-soil-plant system: a risk assessmentAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2018-09-10A comparison between the bioavailability of minerals in home-cooked and ready-to-eat beansAgostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2018-04-24Intestinal colonization of pets with Multi-Drug-Resistant (MDR) Enterobacteriaceae producing ESBL and AmpC Cephalosporinase with transfer ability from the North of PortugalHelena SousaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2015-09-02Neuropsychological assessment and trace metal content in urine, hair and fingernails samples from inhabitants of a chemical industrial region (NW Portugal)Agostinho AlmeidaPoster em Conferência Internacional
2018Preparation of Polysulfone Membrane with α-Tocopherol and α Lipoic acid to Reduce Oxidative StressAmorim, CG; Montenegro, MCBSM; Araujo, AN; Kohlová, Michaela; Solich, Petr; Zelena, Lucie; Alice Santos SilvaPoster em Conferência Internacional