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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014-12-01Research  on the cost-effectiveness of upper digestive endoscopy for the diagnostic of early gastric cancerMiguel Laranjeira Rodrigues de AreiaTese
2012-07-19Effectors and regulators of cellular immune response in autoimmune liver diseaseRodrigo Gouveia Vasconcelos Rodrigues LiberalTese
2014-12-03Construction and analysis of detailed biophysical models for DRt and lamina I neurones.Maria Mafalda Vieira Pereira Gonçalves de SousaTese
2012-12-13The role of E-cadherin trafficking regulation in epithelial cancer progressionJoana Pinto de FigueiredoTese
2013-09-18Melanocortin 5 receptor signaling pathways: implications on adipocyte biology.Adriana Raquel Campos RodriguesTese
2013-07-19Study of the toxicological interactions between amphetamine designer drugs in the context of polydrug abuseDiana Cristina Dias da SilvaTese
2013-12-18Impact of gestational diabetes mellitus in the maternal-to-fetal transport of nutrients and in placental development.João Ricardo Diniz de AraújoTese
2012-12-21In vitro determination and functional maturation of natural killer cells from  umbilical cord blood progenitor cellsMaria João Nascimento de PinhoTese
2012-11-23Efeitos clínicos da administração intraprostática da toxina botulínica tipo A e seus possíveis mecanismos de acçãoJoão Fernando Alturas da SilvaTese
2013-11-29Osteoarthritis case ascertainment: to understand characteristic that influence this processDuarte Rafael Sampaio PereiraTese