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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011-09-26O sistema somatossensitivo no rato com neuropatia diabéticaCarla Sofia da Costa MorgadoTese
2018-12-13Tracking the origin of Val30Met mutation in Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (TTR-FAP) within different Portuguese regionsCátia Sofia Ferreira Reis LealDissertação
2016-05-19Y-STR markers, haplotype discrimination and sensibility in sexual assault cases. The impact of different technologies.Laura Sofia Ramos Mendes CainéDissertação
2012-05-04Molecular regulation of human CLASPs during the cell cycleAna Rita Ramada MaiaTese
2012-04-11Fotografia forense. Contributo para a qualidade em Medicina Legal.Amado Fernando Queiroz de Moura MarquesDissertação
2016-10-26Using Information Systems in Pharmacovigilance. Promotion of Avderse Drug Reaction ReportingFernanda Inês de Carvalho Pereira Ribeiro VazTese
2016-07-27Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening for chromosomal abnormalities using circulating cell-free fetal DNA in material plasma: current applications, limitations and prospectsCláudia Inês de Sousa Amorim Sampaio da CostaDissertação
2016-07-28Determinants of dietary habits and adiposity during early childhoodCatarina Maria Roquette de Gouveia Durão CeleiroTese
2018-07-13Understanding the gap between scientific evidence and clinical practice in cardiovascular diseasesMarta Patrícia Carvalho VianaTese
2015-10-06Renal function and damage in acute heart failure - a place for new and old biomarkersMargarida Isabel Ribeiro de Cavadas Pereira e AlvelosTese