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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018-12-14Examining the feasibilit, reliability and validity of resting - state functional magnetic resonance imaging for language presurgical planningPaulo Ricardo Batista Silva BrancoTese
2017-07-14Appetite Neurobiology and modulation of nociceptive trigeminovascular inputs. Studies to understand migraine pathophysiologyMargarida Martins OliveiraTese
2013-09-18Melanocortin 5 receptor signaling pathways: implications on adipocyte biology.Adriana Raquel Campos RodriguesTese
2015-12-18Emerging biomarkers in acute heart failureFernando Miguel Batista FriõesTese
2019-01-18Persistent Organic Pollutants and insulin resistance: exploring the mechanisms involved in metabolic dysfunctionCarla Vanessa Dias Sarmento Correia de SáTese
2013-07-19Study of the toxicological interactions between amphetamine designer drugs in the context of polydrug abuseDiana Cristina Dias da SilvaTese
2016-04-21Obesidade Mórbida:contribuição de alguns parâmetros neurobiologicos e psicossociais no seu tratamentoIsabel Maria Boavista Vieira Marques BrandãoTese
2018-04-20Roots Of Early Obesity Anxiety, Attachment And Neuroendocrine Biomarkers In Obese ChildrenInês Cristina de Oliveira PintoTese
2017-12-21Delivery of siRNAs directed to CDX2: a strategy to revert gastric intestinal metaplasiaAna Adelaide Direito SadioTese
2011-12-19Role of the transcription factor DRG11 in the embryonic development of the nociceptive systemSandra Paula da Costa Pinto da Silva Rebelo e SousaTese