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2018The importance of the posterior joint space for functional mandibular movements: A laboratory cross-sectional studyCordeiro, CC; Daniel Pozza; Tamaki, T; Guimarães, ASArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017Improvement in left intraventricular pressure gradients after aortic valve replacement in aortic stenosis patientsGuerra, M; Mendes Ferreira, P; Adao, R; Pereira, E; Vieira, M; Lourenco, AP; Brás-Silva C; Bastos, P; Vouga, L; Leite Moreira, AFArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2018Development of a web-based food allergy training for schools and restaurants: The Food Allergy Community Program (FAC Program) protocolPádua, I.; Moreira, André; Moreira, Pedro; Barros, RenataArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019Predicting health risk from exposure to trihalomethanes in an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool among elite swimmers and coachesGouveia, P; Felgueiras, F; Mourão, Z; Fernandes, EDO; Moreira, André; Gabriel, MFArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019Peripherally administered melanocortins induce mice fat browning and prevent obesityRodrigues, AR; Salazar, MJ; Rocha Rodrigues, S; Goncalves, IO; Cruz, C; Neves, D; Almeida, H; Magalhaes, J; Gouveia, AlexandraArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019Neuregulin-1 attenuates right ventricular diastolic stiffness in experimental pulmonary hypertensionAdao, R; Mendes Ferreira, P; Maia Rocha, C; Santos Ribeiro, D; Rodrigues, PG; Vidal Meireles, A; Monteiro Pinto, C; Pimentel, LD; Falcao Pires, I; De Keulenaer, GW; Leite Moreira, AF; Brás-Silva CArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019Integrating of piezoresistive sensors on the embouchure analysis of the lower lip in single reed instrumentalists: implementation of the lip pressure appliance (LPA)Miguel Pais Clemente; Joaquim Mendes; Joana Cerqueira; André Moreira; Vasconcelos M; Afonso Pinhão Ferreira; Amarante JArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional