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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006-06-30Agreeing to disagree without the countable additivity axiom (working paper, Levine's bibliography UCLA)João Correia-da-SilvaTrabalho Académico
2009-01-26Uncertain delivery in markets for lemons (working paper)João Correia-da-SilvaTrabalho Académico
2004-09-14Private Information: Similarity as Compatibility (working paper)João Correia-da-Silva; Carlos Hervés-BelosoTrabalho Académico
2008-08-05The core periphery model with asymmetric inter-regional and intra-regional trade costsJoão Correia-da-Silva; Sofia B.S.D. Castro; Vasco LeiteTrabalho Académico
2011-01-01The Price of Risk and Ambiguity in an Intertemporal General Equilibrium Model of Asset PricesJoão Correia-da-Silva; Gonçalo FariaTrabalho Académico
2013-02-01Multidimensional screening with complementary activities: regulating a monopolist with unknown cost and unknown preference for empire-buildingJoão Correia-da-Silva; Ana Borges; Didier LausselTrabalho Académico
2006-06-18Prudent Expectations Equilibrium in Economies with Uncertain Delivery (working paper)João Correia-da-Silva; Carlos Hervés-BelosoTrabalho Académico
2012-10-01Is Stochastic Volatility relevant for Dynamic Portfolio Choice under Ambiguity?João Correia-da-Silva; Gonçalo FariaTrabalho Académico
2009-12-14Free daily newspapers: too many incentives to print?João Correia-da-Silva; Joana ResendeTrabalho Académico
2011-05-01A Closed-Form Solution for Options with Ambiguity about Stochastic VolatilityJoão Correia-da-Silva; Gonçalo FariaTrabalho Académico