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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Extreme Value Laws for non stationary processes generated by sequential and random dynamical systemsAna Cristina Moreira Freitas; Jorge Milhazes Freitas; Sandro VaientiTrabalho Académico
2015Decomposing the Wage Losses of Displaced Workers: the Role of the Reallocation of Workers into Firms and Job TitlesPedro Raposo; Pedro Portugal; Anabela CarneiroTrabalho Académico
2016Extreme Value Laws for sequences of intermittent mapsAna Cristina Moreira Freitas; Jorge Milhazes Freitas; Sandro VaientiTrabalho Académico
2014Speed of convergence for laws of rare events and escape ratesAna Cristina Moreira Freitas; Jorge Milhazes Freitas; Mike ToddTrabalho Académico
2010Firm Size Distribution under Horizontal and Vertical R&DPedro Rui Mazeda Gil; Fernanda FigueiredoTrabalho Académico
2000Alternatives to a chart for individuals: Moving Sums and Moving Maxima. Notas e comunicaçõesCEAUL, 7/2000.Fernanda Figueiredo; M. Ivette GomesTrabalho Académico
2006-06-30Agreeing to disagree without the countable additivity axiom (working paper, Levine's bibliography UCLA)João Correia-da-SilvaTrabalho Académico
2016-04-18Priceless cost management examples from The EconomistJoão OliveiraTrabalho Académico
2004-01A Monte Carlo Method for the Normal Inverse Gaussian Option Valuation Model using an Inverse Gaussian BridgeClaúdia Ribeiro; Nick WebberTrabalho Académico
2014Sustainable development, strategy and costs at TeslaJoão Pedro OliveiraTrabalho Académico