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dc.creatorDiana Silva
dc.creatorEduardo Arend
dc.creatorSilva M. Rocha
dc.creatorAlisa Rudnitskaya
dc.creatorLuís Delgado
dc.creatorAndré Moreira
dc.creatorJoana Carvalho
dc.description.abstractAging is associated with oxidative stress that may increase susceptibility to respiratory infections (RIs). We aimed to assess the impact of exercise training on the risk of RIs in older adults and on a targeted metabolomic profile of stress oxidative lipid peroxidation-related metabolites. Methods: In an 8-month clinical trial, 38 participants over 60 years of age were allocated to an exercise group (EG), in which participants underwent 90-min training sessions three times/week(n = 20), or a control group (CG), in which participants maintained daily physical activities(n = 18). Daily respiratory symptoms and RIs number and severity were collected. Serum by-products were assessed by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry with time of flight analyzer. Serum metabolomic profiling comprised 76 metabolites (alcohols, aldehydes, alkanes, and ketones). Principal components analysis and ANOVA-simultaneous component analysis were used to evaluate the metabolomic profile change. Results: The odds ratio of RIs for the EG was 2.0 CI 95% [0.2;25]. The incidence of RIs was 47% [23;70] in the EG vs. 44%[12;77] in the CG. The metabolomic profiling showed that alkanes and aldehydes classes differed between the EG and the CG before and after intervention. A calibration model showed a relation between the metabolites from four main classes (ketones, alcohols, alkanes and aldehydes) and the prediction of the number of RIs. Conclusion: Moderate exercise training, in older adults, compared with no exercise in controls, did not show a difference in the risk of RIs. A pattern of lipid peroxidation was associated with the number of RIs.
dc.subjectCiências sociais
dc.subjectSocial sciences
dc.titleThe impact of exercise training on the lipid peroxidation metabolomic profile and respiratory infection risk in older adults
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Desporto
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Medicina
dc.subject.fosCiências sociais
dc.subject.fosSocial sciences
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