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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016CardioBengo study protocol: a population based cardiovascular longitudinal study in Bengo Province, AngolaPedro, JM; Rosario, E; Brito, M; Barros, HArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Source apportionment of CO2, PM10 and VOCs levels and health risk assessment in naturally ventilated primary schools in Porto, PortugalMadureira, J; Paciência, I; Rufo, J; Severo, M; Ramos, E; Barros, H; Fernandes, EDArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Bayesian prediction of lung and breast cancer mortality among women in Spain (2014-2020)Martin-Sanchez, JC; Cleries, R; Lidon, C; Gonzalez-de Paz, L; Lunet, N; Martinez-Sanchez, JMArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016A prospective study on the neurological complications of breast cancer and its treatment: Updated analysis three years after cancer diagnosisFontes, F; Pereira, S; Castro-Lopes, JM; Lunet, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Worldwide burden of gastric cancer in 2010 attributable to high sodium intake in 1990 and predicted attributable burden for 2030 based on exposures in 2010Peleteiro, B; Barros, S; Castro, C; Ferro, A; Morais, S; Lunet, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Scientific Banana Republics: Do They Exist?Linkov, F; Adambekov, S; Goughnour, S; Welburn, SC; Padilla-Raygoza, N; Kana, M; Shubnikov, E; Mustapha, MM; Sheikh, A; LaPorte, RArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Cross-reactive LTP sensitization in food-dependent exercise-induced urticaria/anaphylaxis: a pilot study of a component-resolved and in vitro depletion approachda Silva, DM; Vieira, TM; Pereira, AM; Moreira, A; Delgado, JLArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Knee and hip radiographic osteoarthritis features: differences on pain, function and quality of lifePereira, D; Severo, M; Santos, RA; Barros, H; Branco, J; Lucas, R; Costa, L; Ramos, EArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Chronic respiratory diseases and quality of life in elderly nursing home residentsCarreiro-Martins, P; Gomes-Belo, J; Papoila, AL; Caires, I; Palmeiro, T; Gaspar-Marques, J; Leiria-Pinto, P; Mendes, A; Teixeira, JP; Botelho, MA; Neuparth, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Parenting very preterm infants and stress in Neonatal Intensive Care UnitsBaia, I; Amorim, M; Silva, S; Kelly-Irving, M; Freitas, C; Alves, EArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional