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dc.creatorHelena Moura de Carvalho
dc.creatorS. Corbella
dc.creatorPaula Mena Matos
dc.description.abstractThe factor validity of the 21-item brief version of the Personal Style of the Therapist Questionnaire (PST-Q) was examined using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in a sample of 384 Portuguese psychotherapists. The results indicated that the hypothesized five-factor model of the PST-Q's 21-item brief version did not reach the expected fit index levels. Therefore, the model was re-estimated after analyzing data concerning model misspecification and standardized factor loadings. The Portuguese version of the PST-Q revealed satisfactory psychometric properties with regard to its internal consistency, although alpha values were slightly lower for this version. Results concerning the adaptation process of the PST-Q for the Portuguese population and the theoretical background underlying the Five dimensions of this construct will be discussed.
dc.titleAnálisis Factorial Confirmatorio de la Versión Corta Portuguesa del Cuestionario del Estilo Personal del Terapeuta (EPT-C) = Confirmatory factor analysis of the portuguese short version of the Questionnaire of the Therapist's Personal Style (EFA-C)
dc.typeArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
dc.contributor.uportoFaculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação
dc.subject.fosCiências sociais::Psicologia
dc.subject.fosSocial sciences::Psychology
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