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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008WaaS : Wiki as a ServiceSilva, André Filipe Monteiro Lamelas daDissertação
2020-11-27Wage Inequality Within FirmsCarolina Filipa Massena CovasDissertação
1997Waiting for rain : uma leitura de The waste LandRibeiro, Maria Manuel MendesDissertação
2015-11-27Walking on Knuckles towards civilisation: Pré-evolutionary notions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the reaction of English intellectual circles upon the arrival of Peter, the Wild BoyCatarina Neves Abelha Coelho FerreiraDissertação
2021-03-09Walking Speed and Mortality - An updated systematic reviewIrene Rosmaninho CoelhoDissertação
2014-12-03Walking towards a Sacred Site: Motivations, Expectations and Satisfaction - The case study of the Portuguese Way of St. James.Marta Andrade da Veiga Pimenta VenceslauDissertação
2020-07-10Warehouse Process and Layout Design in a Clinical Diagnostics NetworkPedro Miguel Baptista Lourenço BalsinhaDissertação
2008WARP : speeding up the software development processCarvalho, José Filipe Barbosa deDissertação
2016-10-07Waste Management in the Scope of a Gold Mine Project- Prediction of Acid drainage and Study of Mitigation SolutionsAntónio Carlos Pinheiro FernandesDissertação
2014-07-15Wastewater characterization and monitoring and troubleshooting of an IASB reactor at a fish-canning plantTânia Filipa Mallard Silva AlvesDissertação
2018-07-16Wastewater polishing with microalgaeAna Catarina Lopes PintoDissertação
2017-11-17Water Contamination in the Area of a Landfill Coal AshJean Marie SinzinkayoDissertação
2019-02-21Water diseases - malaria and gastrointestinal diseases (diarrhea) in Guinea-BissauSandra Cristina de Oliveira AlvesDissertação
2014-10-24Water Heaters Electrovalves: Improvement of Safety ParameterBernardo Daniel Antunes BordaloDissertação
2018-09-18Water Proofing Approaches on Wooden ElementsDiogo Jaime Carneiro da Costa e BrancoDissertação
2015-09-16Water scarcity and its negative impact on health: case study of Funafuti, TuvaluMaluseu TapaekoDissertação
2009Water spiderLoureiro, Lecticia da SilvaDissertação
2013-10-21Way Forward to Smart Grid RegulationJosé Pedro Alves Baltazar D'AlmeidaDissertação
2013-11-26We are all early interventionists: Building a new, family-centreed and transdisciplinar discourse in early childhood intervention in PortugalNatalie Almeida Sandamil da CostaDissertação
2013We are all interventionists: building a new, fammily-centred and trandisciplinary discourse in early childhood intervention in PortugalNatalie Almeida Sandamil da CostaDissertação