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2020Breast cancer subtypes: implications for the treatment and survival of patients in Africa-a prospective cohort study from MozambiqueBrandão, M; Guisseve, A; Bata, G; Alberto, M; Ferro, J; Garcia, C; Zaqueu, C; Lorenzoni, C; Leitão, D; Come, J; Soares, O; Gudo-Morais, A; Schmitt, F; Tulsidás, S; Carrilho, C; Lunet, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2020Healthcare use and costs in early breast cancer: a patient-level data analysis according to stage and breast cancer subtypeBrandão, M; Morais, S; Lopes-Conceição, L; Fontes, F; Araújo, N; Dias, T; Pereira, D; Borges, M; Pereira, S; Lunet, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2021Impact of HIV infection on baseline characteristics and survival of women with breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisBrandão, M; Bruzzone, M; Franzoi, MA; de Angelis, C; Eiger, D; Caparica, R; Piccart-Gebhart, M; Buisseret, L; Ceppi, M; Dauby, N; Carrilho, C; Lunet, N; de Azambuja, E; Lambertini, MArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2023Quality Indicators Compliance and Survival Outcomes in Breast Cancer according to Age in a Certified CenterOsório, F; Barros, AS; Peleteiro, B; Amendoeira, I; Fougo, JLArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2021Quality of life trajectories during the first three years after diagnosis of breast cancer: the NEON-BC studyLopes-Conceição, L; Brandão, M; Araújo, N; Severo, M; Dias, T; Peleteiro, B; Fontes, F; Pereira, S; Lunet, NArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional