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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022-07-273D Box Positioning and Orientation SystemTiago Pinto BarreiraDissertação
2022-04-083D printer nozzle: effects of die dimension, geometry, and material on the quality of FFF printed parts in PLAJoana Maria Tribuzi Magalhaes MeloDissertação
2019-07-163D Printing of Gyroid Structures for Superior Structural BehaviourCatarina Maia Moreira da SilvaDissertação
2023-07-054D Printing in the Development of a Composite Refugee ShelterCarlos Manuel Martin FernandesDissertação
2023-07-105S Implementation in a Mechanical Maintenance WarehouseBruno Daniel Turiel PiresDissertação
2023-07-115S Implementation in Electrical Department - Workshop and WarehousesMário António Lopes RochaDissertação
2020-03-30A cell-based approach to early detect female pelvic organ prolapseJoão Pedro Sousa FerreiraTese
2010A comparison between two pneumatic servovalves modelsJoão Falcão Carneiro; Fernando Gomes de AlmeidaArtigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Internacional
2020-07-10A Finite Element Approach to Design Organ-on-a-Chip DevicesPedro Duarte Carvalhal Calhau de MenezesDissertação
2012A high-accuracy trajectory following controller for pneumatic devicesJ. Falcão Carneiro; F. Gomes de AlmeidaArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2022-07-18A Kobetsu Approach to Eliminate Product Waste In The Biofuel IndustryJoão Orlando Ferreira Batista MouraDissertação
2017-07-11A mechanical power transmission: considerations about its manufacturability and life cycleLuís Filipe Lopes de AraújoDissertação
2022-07-28A Methodology for Predicting the Hydroelastic Response of Appendages of High-Speed Boats Using STAR-CCM+Bernardo Gomes Ribeiro dos Santos RochaDissertação
2015-09-07A new approach for RIM: from RIMCop technology to process designNuno Miguel de Oliveira GomesTese
2022-10-12A New Approach to Project Planning & Control - The Case of an IT CompanyMaria Eduarda Valente Leal de BarrosDissertação
2005A new maintenance methodology applied to a HVAC systemL. A. Ferreira; J. RuivoArtigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Internacional
2017-09-18A numerical study of a tribological exoerimentMariana Fernanda Neves da SilvaDissertação
2008A phenomenological model of passive control of vibrations of beams via shunted piezoelectric transducersL. R. Stahlhofer; C. M. A. Vasques; J. Dias RodriguesArtigo em Livro de Atas de Conferência Nacional
2016-07-21A Qualification Methodology for Additively Manufactured PartsJoão Carlos do Carmo SantosDissertação
2021-10-04A Relax-and-Fix based Approach for Solving Heterogenous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Three-Dimensional Loading ConstraintsGerardo Guedes Saraiva de MenezesDissertação