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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020-07-10Target-to-treat nanotherapy for rheumatoid arthritisVirgínia Adorinda Moura GouveiaTese
2019-07-11Targeting antigen-presenting cells: chitosan/poly (y-glutamic acid) nanoparticles as adjuvants to anticancer therapyFlávia Raquel Teixeira de CastroTese
2020-09-24Targeting BRCA1 and p53 family of tumor supressors in cancer treatmentLiliana Sofia Gomes RaimundoTese
2018-07-11Targeting of human CD44v6 with engineered nanoparticles for gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis and therapyPatrick Joseph KennedyTese
2018-05-07Targeting the purinome to control hyperactivity of the human urinary bladderIsabel Sofia Dias da SilvaTese
2016-06-22Taxonomy, systematics, morphological and molecular phylogeny of the order tanaidacea (crustacea: peracarida), from the Antarctic, atlantic and pacific oceansCatarina de Lourdes Araújo SilvaTese
2019-07-12Telomere biology of cutaneous T-Cell lymphomasJoana Alves RopioTese
2014-12-16Temporal change in the calling behaviour of an isolated killer whale (Orcinus orca)Miguel Neves dos ReisDissertação
2015-03-12Tendências na incidência e prognóstico do Acidente Vascular CerebralRui Manuel Cerqueira MagalhãesTese
2014The action of selected isothiocyanates on bacterial biofilm prevention and controlAnabela Borges; Lúcia C. Simões; Maria J. Saavedra; Manuel SimõesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2012The activity of ferulic and gallic acids in biofilm prevention and control of pathogenic bacteriaAnabela Borges; Maria J. Saavedra; Manuel SimõesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-09-27The changing brain in Alzeimer´s disease: is the retina a mirror of disease onset and progression?Samuel Filipe Duarte ChiquitaTese
2019-01-09The ecological response of reef communities to an extreme environment: implications for climate changeRita Costa San Miguel Bento CavalcanteTese
2012The effect of age on glucose uptake and GLUT1 and GLUT4 expression in rat skeletal muscledos Santos, JM; Benite Ribeiro, SA; Queiroz, G; Duarte, JAArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2014The effects of ferulic and salicylic acids on Bacillus cereus and Pseudomonas fluorescens single- and dual-species biofilmsMadalena Lemos; Anabela Borges; Joana Teodósio; Paula Araújo; Filipe Mergulhão; Luís Melo; Manuel SimõesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017-09-04The evolution of fatty acid metabolism in chordatesMónica Sofia Lopes MarquesTese
2017-06-05The evolution of the sensorial receptors in vertebrates: focus on visionRui Carlos Pinto BorgesTese
2017-06-12The evolutionary history and conservation of an endemic and threatened Iberian rodent: the Cabrera vole (Microtus cabrerae)Soraia Isabel Moreira BarbosaTese
2015-03-20The impacto of the oxidative stress response on tacrolimus production by S. Tsukubaensis NRRL 18488Sílvia Daniela Sarmento PiresTese
2016-06-01The influence of indoor environment in respiratory health and quality of life of older people living in elderly care centersAna Sofia Estevão MendesTese