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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014-12-19Identificação e desenvolvimento larvar de peixes tropicais do Indo Pacífico no Oceanário de LisboaLurdes Raquel Santos FerreiraDissertação
2018-07-12Identification and characterization of glycobiomarkers in bladder cancer stem cellsManuel Filipe Teles NevesTese
2015-04-30Identification and functional analysis of AGP genes related to pollen tube guidance into the embryo sac in Arabidopsis thalianaAna Marta Brandão de Almeida Cardoso PereiraTese
2018-07-13identification of native cardiogenic niche-feature(s) for improved cardiac cell response: the role of the extracellular matrixAna Catarina de Andrade e SilvaTese
2015-09-28Identification of new host signaling pathways hijacked by bacterial pathogens during infectionMaria Teresa da Conceição Malheiro Pinto de AlmeidaTese
2015-09-17Identification of novel chromatin and nuclear factors regulating oncogene-induced senescenceJoana Cristina Pereira Teixeira dos SantosTese
2019-11-20Identification of novel conserved dynein pathway genes using a genome-wide synthetic lethal screen in C. elegansHélder Henrique Ribeiro RochaTese
2001Identification of T-cell epitopes in nonstructural proteins of foot-and-mouth disease virusBlanco, E; Garcia Briones, M; Sanz Parra, A; Gomes, P; De Oliveira, E; Valero, ML; Andreu, D; Ley, V; Sobrino, FArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-07-02Identifying novel genetic causes for hereditary myopathies: from conventional approaches to next-generation sequencingJorge Manuel dos Santos Marques de OliveiraTese
2017-07-24Immune response to biomaterials: modulating inflammation towards improved performance of a medical devicesDaniel Fernando Marques de VasconcelosTese
2016-07-05Immunobiological studies on two human pathogens: Group B - Streptococcus and Escherichia coliJoana Emanuela Vieira AlvesTese
2010Impact of culture media glucose levels on the intestinal uptake of organic cationsAna Faria; Rosario Monteiro; Diogo Pestana; Fatima Martel; Victor de Freitas; Nuno Mateus; Conceicao CalhauArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-07-03Impact of glycosylation in gastric cancer cell biology and intercellular communicationDaniela Sofia Pereira FreitasTese
2016-01-25Impact of LIMP-2 deficiency on lysosome composition and functionPaulo Jorge Miranda da Silva GasparTese
2013Impact of vehicular traffic emissions on particulate-bound PAHs: Levels and associated health risksKlara Slezakova; Dionísia Castro; Cristina Delerue Matos; Maria da Conceição Alvim Ferraz; Simone Morais; Maria do Carmo PereiraArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2018-07-13Improvement of the current therapy against Helicobacter pylori: biophysical studies of drug-membrane interactions and development of a drug delivery systemDaniela Priscila Rodrigues Lopes de CamposTese
2009In Situ Mitochondrial Ca2+ Buffering Differences of Intact Neurons and Astrocytes from Cortex and StriatumJorge M A Oliveira; Jorge GoncalvesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2014-12-22In vitro screening of the anticancer activity of marine and soil-derived fungi extracts and compounds used alone and combined with doxorubicin:evaluation of the anticancer properties of fungi extracts and compounds alone and in combination with doxorubicin in lung cancer cellsBruno Miguel Castro CarvalhoDissertação
2019-12-13Induction of bystander effect by different contaminants on soil oligochaetesSaúl Simão Monteiro FernandesDissertação
2014-05-22inetochore - microtubule interaction and regulationTália Cláudia Feijão Moreira FigueiredoTese