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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-10-17Heme and iron shape macrophage plasticity: a role in hemolytic disorders and cancer?Milene Soraia Costa da SilvaTese
2004Heparan sulphate mediates swine vesicular disease virus attachment to the host cellEscribano Romero, E; Jimenez Clavero, MA; Gomes, P; Garcia Ranea, JA; Ley, VArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017-11-27Hierarchical electrospun nanostructures for skin regenerationJuliana Rosa DiasTese
2016-12-12Historical Demography and Differentiation of the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)Pedro Manuel Soares da SilvaTese
2013-07-18homeostasis of the IL-2-producing CD4 T cells and theirrole in the control of T regulatory cells function and number.Inês de Lemos Ferreira AmadoTese
2019-01-02Hormonal control of membrane transportes in male reproductive tractRaquel Alexandra Lages BernardinoTese
2017-03-07Host-pathogen Interactions: The Role of Host Genetics and Co-infection in Natural PopulationsJoão Luís Teixeira de QueirósTese
2018-03-02How to keep the thymus in shape: new molecular insights on thymic epitelial cell homeostasis and functionPedro Miguel Mendes RodriguesTese
2013-07-26Human brain development and evolution: insights from gene expressionAndré Miguel Moura da Costa e SousaTese
2018-12-11Human Migrations and Population Dynamics in the Western Mediterranean: from the Neolithic to the presentJoão Carlos Ramos de Azevedo PimentaTese
2014-12-19Identificação e desenvolvimento larvar de peixes tropicais do Indo Pacífico no Oceanário de LisboaLurdes Raquel Santos FerreiraDissertação
2018-07-12Identification and characterization of glycobiomarkers in bladder cancer stem cellsManuel Filipe Teles NevesTese
2015-04-30Identification and functional analysis of AGP genes related to pollen tube guidance into the embryo sac in Arabidopsis thalianaAna Marta Brandão de Almeida Cardoso PereiraTese
2018-07-13identification of native cardiogenic niche-feature(s) for improved cardiac cell response: the role of the extracellular matrixAna Catarina de Andrade e SilvaTese
2015-09-28Identification of new host signaling pathways hijacked by bacterial pathogens during infectionMaria Teresa da Conceição Malheiro Pinto de AlmeidaTese
2015-09-17Identification of novel chromatin and nuclear factors regulating oncogene-induced senescenceJoana Cristina Pereira Teixeira dos SantosTese
2001Identification of T-cell epitopes in nonstructural proteins of foot-and-mouth disease virusBlanco, E; Garcia Briones, M; Sanz Parra, A; Gomes, P; De Oliveira, E; Valero, ML; Andreu, D; Ley, V; Sobrino, FArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-07-02Identifying novel genetic causes for hereditary myopathies: from conventional approaches to next-generation sequencingJorge Manuel dos Santos Marques de OliveiraTese
2017-07-24Immune response to biomaterials: modulating inflammation towards improved performance of a medical devicesDaniel Fernando Marques de VasconcelosTese
2016-07-05Immunobiological studies on two human pathogens: Group B - Streptococcus and Escherichia coliJoana Emanuela Vieira AlvesTese