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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020-01-31Genetic Basis of Simple and Complex Traits with Relevance to Avian EvolutionMalgorzata Anna GazdaTese
2017-10-11Genetic characterization of the Innate Immune system of Lagomorphs (ILs, CCLs)Fabiana Marisa Vieira das NevesTese
2016-01-14Genetic diversity, conservation and evolutionary history of the African wild ass (Equus africanus): a non-invasive molecular approachSonia Patricia de Melo Carvalho Pires RosenbomTese
2019-07-01Genetic Diversity, Origin and Conservation of Arabian Native Domestic Ruminants (Goat and Sheep)Nasser Ali Thabit Al AraimiTese
2016-09-27Genetic Legacy of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Present Populations: Anthropological and Clinical ContextPetr TriskaTese
2013-12-16Genetic modifiers in Huntington's disease.Eliana Marisa da Silva RamosTese
2019-07-19Genetic polymorphisms - An approach to canine mammary tumorsAna Maria Canadas Pereira de SousaTese
2017-12-13Genetic susceptibility and immune dysfunction in multiple sclerosisAndreia Manuela Teixeira Bettencourt MoreiraTese
2015-11-13Genetics and dynamics of piRNA induced silencingBruno Filipe Madeira de AlbuquerqueTese
2017-11-28Genome admixture with massive mitochondrial DNA introgression in hares (Lepus spp.): the relative roles of demography and natural selectionFernando António Pereira da Silva Ferreira SeixasTese
2018-07-16Genomic and functional insights on dengue infections: the role of host ancestryMarisa Sofia Sousa OliveiraTese
2008Genomic approach in evaluating the role of androgens on the growth of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) previtellogenic oocytesTrond M Kortner; Eduardo Rocha; Paula Silva; Filipe F C Castro; Augustine ArukweArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-06-11Genomic approach in idiopathic intelectual disabilityMaria de Fátima e Costa TorresTese
2015-12-16Giant Clams in a Changing Ocean: Effects of Ocean Warming And Acidification on Tridacna maxima, a Solar-Powered BivalveCatarina da Conceição Pereira SantosDissertação
2017-04-07Glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucagon-like peptide-1 analogs nanotechnology-based systems for prevention and therapy of diabetesAna Francisca Lopes Correia de AraújoTese
2019-11-14Glycan-based nanotherapeutics for selective drug delivery in gastric cancerElisabete Cristina Nunes FernandesTese
2020-04-16Graphene-based materials for blood-contacting devicesAndreia Sofia Trindade PereiraTese
2016-10-17Heme and iron shape macrophage plasticity: a role in hemolytic disorders and cancer?Milene Soraia Costa da SilvaTese
2004Heparan sulphate mediates swine vesicular disease virus attachment to the host cellEscribano Romero, E; Jimenez Clavero, MA; Gomes, P; Garcia Ranea, JA; Ley, VArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017-11-27Hierarchical electrospun nanostructures for skin regenerationJuliana Rosa DiasTese