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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017-10-23CAG repeat instability in Huntington's disease: insights from HD patients and mouse modelsJoão Luís Aguiar Martins NetoTese
2015-07-24Canine mammary tumors: quantitative morphological and genetic studiesMarta Susana Amaro dos SantosTese
2016-07-29Carcinoma da bexiga: via de sinalização PI3K/Akt/mTOR e inibidores do mTORMaria do Céu dos Santos Silva CostaTese
2014-12-17Characterization of a pro-tumour role of interleukin-17 producing yδ T cells in ovarian cancerMaria Margarida Sousa Gonçalves ReiTese
2015-10-08Characterization of cyanobacterial strains isolated from the Portuguese coast: diversity and potential to produce bioactive compoundsÂngela Marisa Oliveira BritoTese
2016-10-31Characterization of different breast cancer stem cell phenotypes in proliferative, pre-malignant and neoplastic lesions of the breast: Associations with breast cancer behavior and progressionArnaud Fabian da Cruz PaulaTese
2014-03-24Characterization of fusion oncogenes involving the ETS family of transcription factors and their role as diagnostic and prognostic markers in prostate cancerJoão Diogo Barros SilvaTese
2017-03-06Characterization of gastric cancer glycosylation profile for the discovery of biomarkersStefan MereiterTese
2017-06-01Characterization of genes with unknown function highly expressed in the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglionFilipa Sofia Franquinho FerreiraTese
2017-11-02Characterization of plasmalogen's role during nervous system and muscle development.Tiago José Carvalho Ferreira da SilvaTese
2016-06-28Characterization of TGF-beta-activated signaling pathways in the adipose tissue of rats fed with high fat and energy restriction dietsBernardo Manuel De Sousa PintoDissertação
2013-07-03Characterization of the mechanisms of protein translocation across the mammalian peroxisomal membraneMarta Cristina Oliveira de FreitasTese
2015-09-18Characterization of the S-locus in Rosidae (Rosaceae and Fabaceae)Bruno Miguel Coelho AguiarTese
2016-07-08Chemosensitisation assessment of emergent and organic pollutants using zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo testsVirgínia Filipa Pereira Monteiro da CunhaTese
2019-07-12Chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography: development, enantioseparation and molecular recognition mechanism studiesYe Zaw PhyoTese
2016-07-20Circadian rhythms in a Trypanosoma brucei infection: host, parasite or both?Ana Filipa de Almeida Rijo FerreiraTese
2017-03-20Clinical, histological, and genetic characterization of papillary renal carcinoma (PRCC): diagnostic and therapeutic implicationsLígia Maria Correia de Araújo AlmeidaTese
2018-07-26Colorectal tumor microenvironment: unravelling the interplay between macrophages and the extracellular matrixMarta Laranjeiro PintoTese
2016-07-29Combined effects of warming, acidification and the synthetic progestin levonorgestrel on the fitness of the marine amphipod Gammarus locusta (Crustacea)Epeli Manu LoganimoceDissertação
2018-01-26Combining Earth Observation and predictive modelling for multi-scale and multi-level biodiversity assessment and monitoringJoão Francisco Fernandes GonçalvesTese