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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013-10-25MHC in sea bass:molecular and structural insights to class I antigen presentationRute Daniela Pinheiro da Silva PintoTese
2013Microalgal compounds modulate carcinogenesis in the gastrointestinal tractHelena M. Amaro; Rita Barros; A. Catarina Guedes; I. Sousa-Pinto; F. Xavier MalcataArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2015Microbiome in cystic fibrosis: Shaping polymicrobial interactions for advances in antibiotic therapySusana P. Lopes; Nuno F. Azevedo; Maria O. PereiraArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2013-07-11Microenvironmental regulators of mammary gland architecture: the role of matrix metalloproteinase 3 in epithelial invasion and branching morphogenesisAna Luísa Pinto CorreiaTese
2017-06-09MicroRNAs deregulation in prostate cancerJoão António Ramalho CarvalhoTese
2018-10-09Mitotic Fidelity: The Feedback Regulatory Loop Between Aneuploidy and AgingJoana Catarina Martins MacedoTese
2015-12-16Modulating actin dynamics during axonal formation, growth and regeneration: the importance of adducin and profilin - 1Sérgio Ricardo Pais Carvalho LeiteTese
2013-12-19Modulating factors in transthyretin/amyloid beta interactionCarlos Alexandre Lopes Rodrigues RibeiroTese
2017-04-10Modulation of drug efflux at the blood-brain barrier through targeted siRNA delivery via nanoparticlesMaria João Bidarra Tavares GomesTese
2017-07-19Modulation of inflammatory response associated with intervertebral disc degenerationGraciosa Patrícia Quelhas TeixeiraTese
2019-04-05Modulation of the inflammatory response to biomaterials: Macrophages and NLRP3 inflammasomeDaniela Fernanda Pereira de VasconcelosTese
2018-05-11Molecular and evolutionary genetics of invasive bivalvesCidália Maria Teixeira GomesTese
2018-05-14Molecular characterization of newly identidied Listeria monocytogenes virulence regulatorsJorge Nuno Martins Campos PinheiroTese
2013-12-20Molecular pathophysiology underlying the neonatal form of farber diseaseMariana Isabel Quaresma da Rocha AlvesTese
2019-09-17Molecular-based approaches to characterize the microbiome: Exploring the gastric cancer scenarioJoana Pereira MarquesTese
2019-05-08mTOR pathway is a novel regulator of male fertilityTito Miguel Boléo Teles de JesusTese
2012Multidimensional analysis of high-school students' perceptions about biotechnologyMaria Joao Fonseca; Patricio Costa; Leonor Lencastre; Fernando TavaresArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016-06-08Myxozoa parasites from annelids and aquaculture fishesLuís Filipe da Cunha Melo Silva RangelTese
2019-07-03Nanostructured lipid carriers as drug delivery systems for the treatment of tuberculosisJoana Fernandes da Silva MagalhãesTese
2018-11-16Nanotechnology-based strategies for rectal anti-HIV pre-exposure prophylaxisRute Sofia Gonçalves NunesTese