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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-01-25Impact of LIMP-2 deficiency on lysosome composition and functionPaulo Jorge Miranda da Silva GasparTese
2013Impact of vehicular traffic emissions on particulate-bound PAHs: Levels and associated health risksKlara Slezakova; Dionísia Castro; Cristina Delerue Matos; Maria da Conceição Alvim Ferraz; Simone Morais; Maria do Carmo PereiraArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2018-07-13Improvement of the current therapy against Helicobacter pylori: biophysical studies of drug-membrane interactions and development of a drug delivery systemDaniela Priscila Rodrigues Lopes de CamposTese
2009In Situ Mitochondrial Ca2+ Buffering Differences of Intact Neurons and Astrocytes from Cortex and StriatumJorge M A Oliveira; Jorge GoncalvesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2014-12-22In vitro screening of the anticancer activity of marine and soil-derived fungi extracts and compounds used alone and combined with doxorubicin:evaluation of the anticancer properties of fungi extracts and compounds alone and in combination with doxorubicin in lung cancer cellsBruno Miguel Castro CarvalhoDissertação
2014-05-22inetochore - microtubule interaction and regulationTália Cláudia Feijão Moreira FigueiredoTese
2019-01-18Inferring the demographic history of southern Angola: a key region for understanding human settlement in Southern AfricaSandra Raquel da Silva OliveiraTese
2017-10-24Inflammation and neurotransmission in mesial temporal lobe epilepsyBárbara Alexandra Padrão Guerra LealTese
2013-12-13Influence of Salinity on Dimethyl Sulfide and Methanethiol Formation and its side Effect on Nitrous Oxide EmissionsPaula Liliana Vila Nova SalgadoDissertação
2018-12-20Influence of urbanisation in an intertidal ecosystem engineer: Chthamalus barnacles and their associated epifaunaRicardo Jorge Jesus da Costa GarciaDissertação
2016-06-06Insights into the host-pathogen interactions: Lagovirus in LeporidsAna Margarida Lima LopesTese
2018-05-03Integrated approach for the evaluation of fish nursery in a temperate estuaryEva Catarina Costa AmorimTese
2018-01-09Integrative inference of evolutionary patterns of desert biodiversity: a spatial and temporal multi-scale approach using herpetofauna from North-Africa.Duarte Nuno Vasconcelos GonçalvesTese
2014Interaction between atypical microorganisms and E. coli in catheter-associated urinary tract biofilmsAndreia S. Azevedo; Carina Almeida; Luís F. Melo; Nuno F. AzevedoArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2015-12-18Internship in Safiestela S.A.: Implementation of Fish Welfare Assurance System (FWAS) And Effect of Light Spectrum in The Larvae Development of The Solea senegalensisJoão Filipe Macedo PereiraDissertação
2014-05-28Interplay between sphingolipid and nutriente signaling in niemann-pick type C1 disease: new clues from a yeast cell modelRita Pereira VilaçaTese
2015-02-23Intracellular trafficking of AIP56, a bacterial AB toxin trageting NF - кBLiliana Marisa Gonçalves PereiraTese
2017-02-27Introdução à cinética enzimática. Cinética da catálise pela invertase.José Augusto PereiraPublicação Didática
2016-12-14Investigating lysine methylation of RNA polymerase II C - terminal domainJoão Rodrigo Diogo DiasTese
2016-05-25Iron and related proteins in the breast cancer microenvironment: expression patterns in epithelial and stromal inflammatory cells and association with clinicopathological markers of behavior and progressionOriana Alexandra de Paixão Praças MarquesTese