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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Facile Regioselective Synthesis of a Novel Chitosan-Pexiganan Conjugate with Potential Interest for the Treatment of Infected Skin LesionsMary K S Batista; Marcal Gallemi; Alberto Adeva; Carlos A R Gomes; Paula GomesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2019-03-22Fatty Acid Synthase - Catalytic MechanismFabiola Estefany Medina NarváezTese
2015Fine-tuning of the hydrophobicity of caffeic acid: studies on the antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coliMafalda Andrade; Sofia Benfeito; Pedro Soares; Diogo Magalhães e Silva; Joana Loureiro; Anabela Borges; Fernanda Borges; Manuel SimõesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016-04-22Finnee - A Matlab toolbox for separation techniques hyphenated high resolution mass spectrometry datasetGuillaume L. Erny; Tanize Acunha; Carolina Simó; Arminda Alves; Alejandro CifuentesArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2010Fluorescent Carbon Dots Capped with PEG(200) and Mercaptosuccinic AcidHelena Goncalves; Joaquim C G Esteves da SilvaArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2018-07-26Fluorescent ligands and coordination polymers with potential application in metal ion sensing, photoluminescence and heterogeneous catalysisCarla Patrícia de Araújo QueirósTese
2020-06-08Fluoroquinolone derivatives as a tool to overcome bacterial resistance: combining theoretical and experimental approachesCarla Filipa Martins de SousaTese
2016-06-22Functional electroactive materials: towards novel saving and conversion energy systemsMarta Susete da Silva NunesTese
2010Gas-diffusion microextractionJoao Grosso Pacheco; Ines Maria Valente; Luis Moreira Goncalves; Jose Antonio Rodrigues; Aquiles Araujo BarrosArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2005Gas-phase acidity of sulfonamides: implications for reactivity and prodrug designGomes, JRB; Gomes, PArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional