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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016-06-21Molecular mechanisms underlying hyperoxia-induced acute lung injuryMaria Francisca Torcato Ribeiro Dias de FreitasDissertação
2019-06-11Molecular recognition strategies combined to mesofluidics for solid-phase renewable assaysInês Isabel Barros Moreira RamosTese
2012-05-04Molecular regulation of human CLASPs during the cell cycleAna Rita Ramada MaiaTese
2018-05-25Molecular-based methodologies for seafood authentication and allergen detectionTelmo José Rodrigues FernandesTese
2018-07-02Monitoring morbidity associated with chronic conditions: Study of the coexistence of chronic diseases and their impact on specific morbidity indicators in the Portuguese National Health Survey 2014Ivo André Castro CruzDissertação
2020-01-15Monitoring Pain, Nociception and Consciousness to Personalise AnesthesiaSérgio Santos VideTese
2019-05-03Monitoring the effectiveness of clinical guidelines: is the recommendation still valid?Qi ShiDissertação
2015-07-24Monitorização fetal intraparto: cardiotocografia VS análise do segmento ST do ECG fetalSara Cristina da Silva BorgesDissertação
2012-01-27Monitorização  da pressão tecidular de oxigénio em cirurgia de aneurismas intracranianosAntónio Luís do Carmo CerejoTese
2018-11-21Monocarboxylate Transporters (MCTs) in Kidney Cancer: The Role of Epigenetic MechanismAna Luisa Pereira PintoDissertação