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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Walrasian price in an edgeworthian economyOliveira, Bruno; Finkenstädt, Barbel; Pinto, Alberto Adrego; Yannacopoulos, AthanassiosResumo de Comunicação em Conferência Internacional
2014-10-24Water Heaters Electrovalves: Improvement of Safety ParameterBernardo Daniel Antunes BordaloDissertação
2020-07-16WebBCCT.core - A Web Application for the Assessment of Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment Cosmetic ResultsJoão Gonçalves RodriguesDissertação
2017-07-28Weighted Multiple Kernel Learning for Breast Cancer Diagnosis applied to MammogramsTiago André Guedes SantosDissertação
2019-12-02What has changed in the macroalgal communities of the Portuguese coast over a 6-year period?Jonas de AzevedoDissertação
2014Which parameters control the Variscan pegmatite field-scale organization ?Sarah Deveaud; David Silva; Charles Gumiaux; Yanick Branquet; Eric Gloaguen; Alexandre Lima; Arnaud Villaros; Laurent Guillou-Frottier; Jeremy MelletonPoster em Conferência Internacional
2014-07-23Wiggly Cosmic String EvolutionJosé Pedro Pinto VieiraDissertação
2019-07-03Wine Design as an Artistic Intermediary in Discovery of Cultural IdentitiesAytac YariktasDissertação
2019-07-02Wine Tourism Cluster Model Based on Kettmeir and Santa Margherita Wine GroupTamari AraviashviliDissertação
2019-07-02Wine Tourism Projet: Developing and Implementing the Concept of Wine Routes in MoldovaTatiana GîleaDissertação