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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019-11-11Fabrication and Characterization of Optical MicrofibersFilipe Miguel Moreira MarquesDissertação
2016-11-18Fabrication of biocompatible gold mushrrooms-shaped microelectrodes for the recording of neuronal signalsMónica Catarina Costa CerquidoDissertação
2018-12-06Fabrication of Gd5 (Si1-xGex )4 nanoparticles by femto and nanosecond pulsed laser ablation in liquidsDavid José Pereira CoelhoDissertação
2016-09-30Fabrication of Integrated Optical Devices in Fused Silica by Femtosecond Laser Direct WritingVítor Alexandre Oliveira AmorimDissertação
2018-12-17Fabrication of Plasmonic Substrates and Study of their Performance for Sensitive Detection by Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyCláudia Gomes EspinhaDissertação
2014-10-17Fabrication of Zinc Oxide Piezoelectric Nanostructures: A route towards NanogenerationFilipe Falcão de OliveiraDissertação
2017-11-29Fabry disease associated with GLA p.Phe113Leu variant for a common ancestor in Portuguese and Italians, and use of linked markers to estimate the age of the mutationDiana Luísa Ferreira MartinsDissertação
2012-12-14Facial Animation using Intelligent Agents: Embedding Reactive Behaviours on Virtual CharactersHugo Miguel dos Reis PereiraDissertação
2013Factors affecting water colour removal by tyrosinaseLuana V. Silva; Ana P. M. Tavares; Etel Kameda; Eugénia A. Macedo; Maria A. Z. Coelho; Priscilla Amaral F.F. AmaralArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2013-12-06Fate and effects of Chorophenols to phytoplankton species from Portuguese freshwatersPaulo Jorge Machado Teixeira de MoraisTese