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2017Association of Short Antenatal Corticosteroid Administration-to-Birth Intervals With Survival and Morbidity Among Very Preterm Infants: Results From the EPICE CohortNorman, M; Piedvache, A; Børch, K; Huusom, LD; Bonamy, AK; Howell, EA; Jarreau, PH; Maier, RF; Pryds, O; Toome, L; Varendi, H; Weber, T; Wilson, E; Van Heijst, A; Cuttini, M; Mazela, J; Barros, H; Van Reempts, P; Draper, ES; Zeitlin, J; Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe (EPICE) Research GroupArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017Changes in management policies for extremely preterm births and neonatal outcomes from 2003 to 2012: two population-based studies in 10 European regionsBonet, M; Cuttini, M; Piedvache, A; Boyle, EM; Jarreau, PH; Kollée, L; Maier, RF; Milligan, DW; van Reempts, P; Weber, T; Barros, H; Gadzinowki, J; Draper, ES; Zeitlin, J; MOSAIC and EPICE Research GroupArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2020Cohort Profile: Effective Perinatal Intensive Care in Europe (EPICE) very preterm birth cohortZeitlin, J; Maier, RF; Cuttini, M; Aden, U; Boerch, K; Gadzinowski, J; Jarreau, PH; Lebeer, J; Norman, M; Pedersen, P; Petrou, S; Pfeil, JM; Toome, L; van, Heijst, A; Van, Reempts, P; Varendi, H; Barros, H; Draper, ES; EPICE and SHIPS Research GroupOutra Publicação em Revista Científica Internacional
2020Postnatal Corticosteroids Policy for Very Preterm Infants and Bronchopulmonary DysplasiaNuytten, A; Behal, H; Duhamel, A; Jarreau, PH; Torchin, H; Milligan, D; Maier, RF; Zemlin, M; Zeitlin, J; Truffert, P; EPICE Research GroupArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2020Unit policies regarding tocolysis after preterm premature rupture of membranes: association with latency, neonatal and 2-year outcomes (EPICE cohort)Lorthe, E; Moreira, C; Weber, T; Huusom, LD; Schmidt, S; Maier, RF; Jarreau, PH; Cuttini, M; Draper, ES; Zeitlin, J; Barros, H; EPICE research groupArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017Variation in term birth weight across European countries affects the prevalence of small for gestational age among very preterm infantsZeitlin, J; Bonamy, AK; Piedvache, A; Cuttini, M; Barros, H; Van Reempts, P; Mazela, J; Jarreau, PH; Gortner, L; Draper, ES; Maier, RFArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional