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2018A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of methylphenidate in the initial treatment of acute mania (MEMAP study)Hegerl, U; Mergl, R; Sander, C; Dietzel, J; Bitter, I; Demyttenaere, K; Gusmão, R; González-Pinto, A; Zorrilla, I; Alocén, AG; Sola, VP; Vieta, E; Juckel, G; Zimmermann, US; Bauer, M; Sienaert, P; Quintão, S; Edel, MA; Bolyos, C; Ayuso-Mateos, JL; López-García, P; Kluge, MArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2016Effectiveness of Depression-Suicidal Behaviour Gatekeeper Training among police officers in three European regions: Outcomes of the Optimising Suicide Prevention Programmes and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe) studyArensman, E; Coffey, C; Griffin, E; Van Audenhove, C; Scheerder, G; Gusmão, R; Costa, S; Larkin, C; Koburger, N; Maxwell, M; Harris, F; Postuvan, V; Hegerl, UArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2017Public attitudes toward depression and help-seeking: Impact of the OSPI-Europe depression awareness campaign in four European regionsKohls, E; Coppens, E; Hug, J; Wittevrongel, E; Van Audenhove, C; Koburger, N; Arensman, E; Székely, A; Gusmão, R; Hegerl, UArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional
2015What Are Reasons for the Large Gender Differences in the Lethality of Suicidal Acts? An Epidemiological Analysis in Four European CountriesMergl, R; Koburger, N; Heinrichs, K; Székely, A; Tóth, MD; Coyne, J; Quintão, S; Arensman, E; Coffey, C; Maxwell, M; Värnik, A; van Audenhove, C; McDaid, D; Sarchiapone, M; Schmidtke, A; Genz, A; Gusmão, R; Hegerl, UArtigo em Revista Científica Internacional